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  As a typical representative of Mrs. Gucci histrionic personality people still tolerate their neglect , she boarded the London Arts Theatre will perform concerts on October 13 . Really is an exciting and very inspirational message , the full diva temperament lady singing really curious exactly how , but whether it will wear Gucci brand of clothing is also the focus of concern .
In 1995 due to incitement to murder pro-husband Maurizio Gucci was sentenced to 26 years imprisonment Patrizia Reggiani (Patrizia Reggiani) recently has been released on parole after release from prison she will temporarily act as the Italian clothing , jewelry and accessories company Bozart consultant. According to Italian media reports, 2011 , Patrizia Reggiani had the opportunity to get parole , but she pull off , she said at the time did not want to work .  Patrizia Reggiani tried to commit suicide in prison sheets , however attempts.

Gucci (Gucci) launched a special series for the horse, including Bright Bit handbags, small backpacks and shoulder bags, bright patent leather material used most traditional Spring Festival, the Chinese red color. Although no horse image, but one of the famous design brand logo horsebit has been enough to represent the theme of Year of the Horse.
As a limited edition package models produced in China, especially inlaid inside a bag printed with "CHINA EXCLUSIVE" copper plate and decorated with a red star on behalf of China.

Highlights of the series is the use of bamboo, palm tree nuts or vegetable ivory (animal ivory substitute material), such as the sustainable use of renewable materials. Bamboo special section has been officially released in China. Currently, Gucci watches jewelry is China supports a local reforestation projects. These environmental actions reflect Gucci's commitment to sustainable development and responsibility.  
The cooperation of local reforestation project is a large-scale program designed to help northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region restoration ecology. Here is one of China's ecological regions were most severely damaged, windy climate and deforestation acts carried out for the development of land and growing, resulting in a large area of ??soil erosion, "desertification" phenomenon intensified, fertile soil will have to increasingly barren. After the support of Gucci watches jewelry, a piece of desertification in Ningxia region of a large-scale cultivation of drought-resistant plants specially cultivated - Wild gray leaf clematis. The project hopes to bring a wider range of benefits, such as promoting broad participation in society and encourage people to set a positive environmental awareness. 

Gucci classic logo Bamboo Bamboo first used in men's bags, bamboo imported from 

the East , after heating to soften and bend roasted into a unique "u" shape. 

Bamboo after four metal rings connected in series with the bag body , creating 

a design in the history of the classic bamboo handle pass. And to break the 

exotic beauty of the traditional legalistic , as ordinary briefcase or backpack 

to create a natural and elegant oriental style , making bamboo the "Oriental 

Gentleman" is more beloved Oriental gentleman .
" Wearing a leopard coat • Ingrid Bergman (Ingrid Bergman), hand holding an 

umbrella with bamboo bamboo handle handbag gracefully into the hotel ." This is 

• 1953 by Roberto Rossellini (Roberto Rossellini) directed the film "The 

Italian holidays (Viaggio in Italia)" in the scene. Bamboo handle with brands 

such characteristics , it is one to know is the ancient Chi hand, it also 

explain at the time of this handbag popularity !
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